Principal Investigator (PI)

The Principal Investigator (PI) is generally the person to whom the funds have been assigned. A PI can have multiple FOP's listed under their name, as well as multiple Lab Managers/Assistants. The PI can review charges and invoices, make FOP corrections and generate reports for any FOP assigned to him/her in the system.

PI Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Purchases products/services from core facilities
  • Ensures lab members use appropriate FOP numbers
  • Reserves time on core instruments in CORES
  • Reviews and approves core charges in CORES
  • Redistributes charges among their active CORES FOP numbers (prior to monthly upload)

Lab Manager/Assistant

A Lab Manager/Assistant basically operates as a delegate of  a PI. For example, a Lab Manager/Assistant to Dr. Jones will be able to see/do anything in CORES that Dr. Jones can do. Here at Notre Dame a Lab Manager/Assistant could be an administrative assistant to a PI, a senior member of the research group, etc.

Resource User

A Resource User uses CORES to place an open order or to self‐schedule resource reservations. They must be associated to a PI with active FOPs in CORES. At Notre Dame a Resource User could be a technician, a graduate student, an undergraduate student, postdoc etc.

Service Core Manager

The Service Core Manager is responsible for all of the business functions, and service functions of the core. Here at Notre Dame we typically call a Service Core Manager a Core Facility Manager or the Managing Director of a core facility.

Service Core Associate

A Service Core Associate acts as an assistant to the Service Core Manager. They may assist with billing, reports, budgeting, or other manager functions, in addition to providing the services of the core. At Notre Dame a Service Core Associate can be other personnel who work in or for a core facility such as a technician.


Open Order

An Open Order is entered through the Menu Selection, Order Entry and viewed through Open Order.  The open order requires confirmation by the Service Core Manager/Service Core Associate to be confirmed and available for invoicing. Open orders give Service Core Managers/Service Core Associates the ability to enter a partial order, save as an open order, recall the order later, and add to it and eventually save the order.

Unconfirmed Order

An unconfirmed order is an open order that is generated from a reservation or recurring order process that will not be uploaded with the monthly invoice process until confirmed by the Service Core Manager/Service Core Associate.


Customers and Service Core Managers reserve specific devices in a calendar. These reservations automatically become unconfirmed orders overnight. The Service Core Manager/Service Core Associate can then edit and submit the orders.


The user can choose to save the order entry as an estimate. Estimates will be copied to an Open Order and can be printed with Estimate in the heading, which may be especially helpful for providing "quotes" to users of the core facility.